Santa Fe Artists Market
• All works must be original and
produced by the artist offering the
work for sale. No kits, no commer-
cial molds, no items representing
minor re-work, no copy work, no
assembly line work, and no manu-
factured work. All work must be made in the US.
• You must complete the jury pro-
cess. If you are selected, you must agree to pay for a City of Santa Fe vendor license, submit a $95 yearly fee, and sign the SFAM License Agreement.
• Your primary residence must be
in New Mexico.
• You must have an email address
and access to email to receive
regular communications from the
Santa Fe Artists Market.
• Artist must be present during
entire show.
Become an artist in the Santa Fe Artists Market.
We schedule several jury processes yearly for eligible artists who reside
in New Mexico.
To Apply

The Santa Fe Artists Market (SFAM) proudly serves
local artists who are accepted through a jury process
and agree to the License Agreement set forth by the
SFAM. The License Agreement with the SFAM is for
one calendar year. The yearly fee is $95. The weekly
show fees are $60.

Download these SFAM forms:

SFAM Jury Process Dates and Location:
The Santa Fe Artists Market
will not be scheduling any
jury sessions in January 2018.

Please keep an eye on the website
for possible jury dates
scheduled in February 2018.

Inn at Santa Fe –
I/25 and Cerrillos Road
8376 Cerrillos Road
Please reserve a space by emailing us at
To apply for the jury process with the SFAM, please:
1) Reserve a space for the jury process. Locations and dates are provided on this page. Email:
2) Bring the following with you on your reserved date:
  • Completed Application
  • Check made out to SFAM ($25) for jury fee (non-refundable)
  • At least three, not more than five, pieces of your work representative of your body of work from each category to be juried (two categories maximum)
  • Professional, high quality recent booth photograph of your work
Santa Fe Artists Market
3201-C Zafarano Dr. # 285
Santa Fe, NM 87507