Santa Fe Artists Market
The Santa Fe Artists Market provides venues for local juried
artists, encourages artistic awareness in the general public,
and offers educational opportunities to artists and art lovers.
Local juried artists present their work at the Railyard on Saturdays, year 'round, weather permitting.
Three additional shows held at Cathedral Park, a two-day venue amid the gaiety of the Plaza, and beauty and serenity of the Cathedral.
Santa Fe Artists Market Board of Directors:

Linn Cotrell - President
Candace Toner – VP/Treasurer
Paula Best- Secretary
Frank Osborne – Show Chairman
Ed Mier - Show Chairman

Visit the Santa Fe Artists Market
and you will find paintings and
drawings, photography, sculpture
ceramics, textiles, New Mexico
traditional furniture, jewelry,
leather goods, and metal,
glass and wood creations.
Santa Fe Artists Market
3201-C Zafarano Dr. #285
Santa Fe, NM 87507